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Bordeaux Private Food Tour

In the late 18th century gastronomy started in France, that meant that cooking was now considered an “art”. Dishes were discussed philosophically and France became the world leader in gastronomy for over two centuries. 

The Bordelais private food tour wants to show homage to the French food culture and the imprint it has on the French way of life. Therefore everything you try during your private food tour will be fresh and from naturally produced ingredients. The French believe that food is better enjoyed in the company of others, a time to relish in the depth of flavour to otherwise subtle dishes. After all, since 2010 the French gastronomic meal and its rituals have been recognised as an intangible UNESCO cultural heritage. 

The Bordelais food tour will include a three course meal that will take place in my most treasured establishments with a few extra sweet treats along the way. As we wander amongst the cobbled streets of Bordeaux you will see the main historical sites while learning about the fascinating history of this glorious city. In times of peril Bordeaux has always become the fighting capital of France and that wasn’t for any old reason. The Bordelais are proud people, proud of their region and proud of their wine. Throughout the tour you will also get a real insight into what Bordeaux is like from a locals perspective. 

After your private food tour I hope you will truly understand why Bordeaux is a hidden treasure nestled amidst the rustling grapevines of the Medoc and the clashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Not suitable for pescatarians but could be amended so please get in touch.

What food and drink is included?

The Bordelais private food tour includes three incredible restaurants. In the first, you will share delicious home-made foie gras. The second restaurant will be for the plat principal, accompanied with a glass of the famous Bordeaux red wine. The final establishment is where you will enjoy some freshly baked dessert and coffee / tea.  

Along the way we will also stop at two additional places to taste some local patisseries that you just can’t leave Bordeaux without trying. 

NOTE: Extra drinks are not included. For those of you who would prefer a bottle of wine. (You know who you are.) Wine menus can be provided

Bordeaux private food tour

Historical Sites

food tour bordeaux
Bordeaux private food tour