The Cutest Little French Cheese Shops in Bordeaux

The Cutest Little French Cheese Shops in Bordeaux

Cheese, cheese and more cheese. Which other nation has encompassed the love of cheese into their culture more than the French? So much so that in France there are dedicated shops just for cheese called “Une fromagerie”. They have so much cheese that you can tell there’s a “fromagerie” nearby just from the aroma that drifts along the street. Now of course you can buy your cheese from the supermarket or even better, local markets such as Marché de Capucins in Bordeaux. But I’m here to show you something a bit more chic that you will only find in France. So without further ado here are some of the cutest little French cheese shops that I have found so far in Bordeaux. (As always this list will be regularly updated)

The fromagerie Deruelle is located on a gorgeous cobbled street in the heart of the historical district. With its classic yet cute store front, inside you can find over 150 different cheeses, along with farms eggs, butter, oils, jams, honey and dried meats. They also cook their own tartiflettes, (if you don’t know what this is, google it and thank me later) tiramisus and many types of  cheesecakes. Fromagerie Deruelle is excellent if you’re looking for an intimate and well established cheese shop to buy some French cheese. If you want to sit down and try some of their cheeses then you are in luck. The son of Fromagerie Deruelle’s owner has opened an excellent restaurant in the Saint Michel district of Bordeaux called La Table Deruelle. If you like the sound of baked camembert with pear chutney and truffle then you’re in for a treat. 

Fromagerie Deruelle

Fromagerie chez Delphine is situated on one of the most interesting streets of Bordeaux, filled with an aray of unique shops. Unlike other cheese shops Chez Delphine also has a terrace where you can devour as much cheese as desired. In winter they serve tartiflette, cheese fondues, or tartines grillés. They are also widely known for their sharing platters of cheese and charcuterie with gorgeous chutneys and local Bordeaux wine. So if you’re looking for an apéro or perhaps you’re a little peckish after a walking tour of Bordeaux. Fromagerie chez Delphine is the perfect pit stop for you. 

Chez Delphine

The story behind Beillevaire and how it has evolved is extraordinary. Once upon a time it all began with Pascal Beillevaire who started out as a cheese trader in 1980.  Pascal soon started manufacturing butter, crème fraîche and yoghurt by using the cows from his parents farm. Beillevaire are the only company in France to produce butter from raw milk and to cream it still in wooden churns – just like they did in the past.  Pascal’s unique goal was to bring together the dairy sector, from producer to consumer. Now Beillevaire has over 20 shops throughout France as well as being at over 50 local markets each week. In Bordeaux, one of their shops is near to the Opera house and the other is in the Chartron district. Beillevaire offer over 400 cheeses, a third of which are made in-house – no wonder Pascal is referred to as the cheese-master. 

beillevaire - Les Grands Hommes

Cafe · Resto · Bar

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